Nueva Esperanza

In 1990 there were hardly any wheelchairs in Sucre for people with physical disabilities. Many of them lay in their beds without ever having seen the city and its markets. In 1992, our association commissioned the production of simple wheelchairs made from recycled materials at a company. Several years later, we helped to set up our own workshop for the repair of these wheelchairs and walking aids. Together with the dedicated group “Nueva Esperanza” and our partner association: Jugend-Bildung-Hilfe in Deutschland (JBH), we supported several handicapped people in being able to feed themselves and their families, for example as tailors or cobblers. Others continue their studies at the university, leaving as professors, lawyers or special technicians.

The group Nueva Esperanza on a multi-day excursion in our forest in our forest in november 2019, (supportet by JBH Youth Education Aid Bolivia)
In our center the various groups enjoy the forest
and the nature.