What has grown

“Centro Ecológico Juvenil” (CEJ) has been around since 1990!

It was created with an initiative of the college of education in Sucre. Members and friends of the CEJ have planted hundreds of thousands of trees in the bolivian Andes since 1990 and made them grow into a dense, contiguous forest.In the past, only a little grass was growing on the dry soil, which sheep and goats soon grazed. Meanwhile, a large, wide forest of pines, eucalyptus, oaks and gnarled kewinia trees extends the surrounding slopes. It takes hours to walk through it.

So there is now fertile soil for potatoes, corn and vegetables. The ground feels like a damp carpet, edible mushrooms sprout everywhere – moss and wild plants cover the new earth. Insects of many species nest and provide food for the birds that have moved in. New springs also gush from crevices in the rock. There is more rain, which also ensures that the 110-year-old drinking water collecting canal for the city of Sucre, 28 km away, now carries significantly more water! School students and seminar groups, tourists, families and hikers visit us every day. to improve the environment.